Anna from France about our New Years Eve Ride

“What a fantastic holiday, I can’t say what I loved more. The horses, the place and the people were amazing. Everyday we did lovely rides and we had wonderful gallops in the snow. The landscape was enchanting with beautiful snowcovered trees and lovely trails. In the evening you can relax in the hot pot and enjoy absolutely delicious food. Remember to pack really warm clothes, or be ready to drink some Palinka if you need to warm up 🙂 ! Thank you to Csaba, Katrin, Barnabas and Brigitta for this stay, it will be a new-years to remember!
The digital detox was a plus for me as their is rarely signal or electricity (but you can still charge your batteries if needed a couple of times during the stay !).

Be ready to have an unforgettable experience, in a stunning place”