Questions & Answers

We are sure you still have some questions.
We have taken up the most frequent questions that we are asked again and again and try to answer them.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here or have a completely different question, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Frequently asked questions

How do I get to the Hipparion Ranch?

With Airplane: 

We recommend you the airports of Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Targu Mures or Bucharest. 

From all airports you have the possibility to reach us by train! You can find all connections at
Enter “Gheorgheni” as the destination. 

A prior reservation is usually not necessary, tickets can be purchased cheaply on site.
The prices for the single ticket range from approx. 70-80 lei (approx. 15 euros) for regional trains to 120 lei (approx. 26 euros) for express trains. 

If you have difficulties finding train connections, we are happy to help!

Transfers from airport:
We can also organize transfers for you from all airports: 

  • Bucharest airport to the horse riding station: 190 euros each car / route, maximum 4 people, approx. 5-6 hours, 350 km
  • Cluj Napoca airport to the horse riding station: 140 euros per car / route, maximum 4 people, approx. 4 hours, 220 km
  • Targu Mures airport to trail riding station: 105 euros per car / route, maximum 4 people, approx. 3 hours, 130 km
  • Sibiu airport to the horse riding station: 140 euros per car / route, Max. 4 people, approx. 4 hours. 

With car or train: 

Depending from where you come from, a travel with car or train would be as well an opportunity.
If you are thinking about one of these possibilities, we will support you with pleasure to find connections and routes. Just contact us! 

When do I need to arrive?

The first day of your adventure is your arrival day, correspondingly the last day of your trip will be the day of departure. It would be best for you to arrive in the afternoon or early evening.

After an extensive breakfast on your last day you will be set for your departure. Nevertheless, upon your arrival we will pick you up at any time from your train station/airport/car and bring you back correspondingly.

What does the price include?

The price includes full board, overnight stays, the use of our wellness facilities (hot tube), luggage transport, a horse with all equipment (saddle, saddle bags and bridle) and an experienced tour guide.

As well the fee is including local alcoholic beverages and the transport from Gheorgheni to the mountains and back.

What if I am unable to participate due to sudden health issues or because of family-related reasons?

In case of a cancellation we only retain the deposit of 20%. However, this deposit remains valid indefinitely and can be transferred to another tour in our program.

How am I insured on the tour?

All of our guests participate at their own risk and are aware that riding bears an increased risk for accidents. Therefore, a corresponding form must be signed on-site before the ride begins. It is essential that you have a health insurance that covers you out of your country. You can find numerous offers at favorable prices online.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Hiking shoes: comfortable leather shoes with a good profile that are waterproof, even over a long period of time. Please do NOT bring rubber boots, sneakers, western boots or riding boots. Occasionally we will need to dismount and walk over gravel, unpaved roads and through water. Thus, appropriate footwear is absolutely necessary!

Waterproof rain pants: large enough to be quickly put over your riding clothes and shoes.

Rain slicker or rain jacket: waterproof and big enough to be quickly put over your riding clothes.

Note on rainwear: Throughout the years, simple rain jackets of good quality, unlined and quick-drying (so no soft shell or similar) have proven to be the best rainwear on our tours. Moreover, rain trousers with bell-bottoms turned out to be ideal, since you can easily put them on without having to take of your shoes.


Head torch: We do not have much electricity on our ranch and none on the campsites. Please take along a few spare batteries!

Riding helmet: if you can’t bring along your own helmet, we have spare ones which we can lend to you.

We strongly recommend that our guests wear riding helmets!

Also: Sunblock, towel, a drinking bottle, swim gear, personal medication (we are going to take along the most important medication such as pain/diarrhea medication, wound care and emergency medication for allergies etc.)


If you are going on a ride that includes camping, an additional sleeping bag is needed: please make sure that the latter is of good quality, since it can cool down quite a bit at night (10 °C). We provide good quality pop-up tents, each for 1-2 persons. We will also provide you with a sleeping pad or an inflatable mattress.

In addition, each rider receives front and in some programs rear saddlebags made of high-quality leather.


What about the horses?

Our horses are crossbred and as such combine the best character traits of Lippizan and native breeds. Because our horses live outdoors freely all year round, they are absolutely sure-footed and can safely find their way in difficult mountain terrain. The stick measure ranges from 135 cm to 170 cm, so that every rider will find the right horse for his holiday with us.

What saddle I am riding in?

We use German Armed Forces saddles that have been redesigned. As such, our saddles have been designed to maximize the convenience for horse and rider specifically on long distance rides. If required, our guests can also receive a cushion made out of lambskin for their saddle.

Is there a weight limit?

Out of consideration for our horses our weight limit is 90 kg. However, since we also have strong horses, riders who exceed this weight limit aren’t automatically excluded. Contact us!

Can I bring my own equipment?

During the trail-riding tour, some of our guests do not want to go without their usual equipment. You are welcome to use your own stirrups, saddle seat cushions, reins or your own tent, if you like. Please give us a short note in advance so that we can adjust our preparation accordingly. For the sake of our horses, it is not possible to ride in your own saddle. Our horses wear saddles that have been specifically adapted to their morphology. We use German Armed Forces saddles that have been designed for long-distance rides.

Can I bring my dog?

No. It’s understandable that you don’t want to miss your beloved dog during your holiday. Every sheep farm we pass has 10-12 wild shepherd dogs who are not afraid to attack dogs. After having had several unpleasant experiences, we have even abstained from taking one of our own 14 ranch dogs along for the rides.

Can I get vegetarian / vegan food?

Dear vegetarians, dear vegans, of course you are also welcome at our own ranch!

Please note, that vegan meals are not possible on every tour. Please read the tour description carefully and contact us, if you have further questions.

I am lactose / gluten intolerant, does that cause any problems?

We will give our best to take these intolerances into account. Please be aware, that the meals are sometimes simpler and less variant.

With which currency can I pay in?

In Romania you only can pay with RON. One Euro is about 4,7 RON. One US Dollar are about 4,3 RON. One Bristish Pound is about 5,4 RON.

At our Hipparion farm you can pay with Euro or RON.