Our Ranch

Picturesquely situated at 1250 meters in the heart of the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, our Hipparion Ranch allows you to get away from it all! Coming to Hipparion will let you slow down the daily hustle and bustle of life and stimulate all of your senses.

Without any mobile phone reception and far away from civilization, you can relax and fully enjoy the silence and the spectacular nature around you.

All rooms have a small bathroom with running warm water.

Our log cabin style Tiny House, which was completed in 2020, offers space for up to 4 people and is equipped with a private bathroom with a 2-person bathtub.

Our guesthouse, an original Csango farm house from 1910, offers space for up to 16 people. The comfortable, oven-heated rooms are furnished in the rustic style that is typical for the country.

Our log home dining room with green roof was constructed by us in 2017. In the morning and in the evening, we enjoy the regional delicacies which are prepared by our cook in the adjacent kitchen.

A camping site , about 200 meters from our main buildings, offers you the opportunity in the warm summer months to sleep in the middle of the nature under the stars, to sit together around the campfire on cozy evenings and to wake up to the birdsong in the early hours of the morning.

Our outdoor showers in the forest are also within easy walking distance.

The Hot Pot, a spacious bath barrel filled with salt water can accommodate 6 people and invites you to relax in the evenings. Immersed in the pleasantly warm water and with a glass of wine, you can enjoy golden hour, watching the sunset and review your exciting day in the saddle.
Currently, we are constructing a log cabin sauna. 

We expect the latter to be finished by 2020, and are looking forward to be being able to offer another wellness experience to our guests.

Also under construction is a tiny log cabin with a mountain panorama that will accommodate 1-4 people.

Our Hungarian gray cattle have been roaming the meadows around our farm together with the horses since 2020.

The gray cattle are ancient, very slowly growing Hungarian steppe cow, which is threatened with extinction.

The peculiarities of the “szürke marha”, as they are called in Hungarian, are their exceptionally long horns and their ability to adapt to harsh climates, so that they live free-range with us all year round.

And here are a few more impressions of our cosy trail riding farm

Experience an unforgettable horse holiday at our romantic mountain farm and explore the untouched nature around our ranch.