Trail rides

Carpathian adventure trail

15 days wilderness, horses, bonfire and tent nights

On the track of the bears trail

8 days trail through through the Eastern Carpathians

Sightseeker - scenic riding tour

4 days tour on horseback with cultural insights

High alps cross-country ride

8-day, rustic-romantic riding holidays for adventurers 

Riding holidays

Magical Winterwonderland

8 days riding holiday in a snowy picturesque landscape

Colorful Spring and Easter holiday

8 days vacation on horseback over the easter holidays

NEW! - Trail riding for beginners

Learning by doing: Learning to ride in the countryside

Mini riding holiday

2 days horse vacation on our romantic farm

Center based rides

3 days of rides out through the beauty of Transylvania

Short week of riding

4 days vacation in the saddle in the Harghita Mountains


VIP individual holidays

Exclusive guided tours according to your personal wishes